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AIRE – Register of Italians resident abroad

Each Italian Municipality keeps an updated registry of its citizens residing abroad (called A.I.R.E.). Likewise every Consulate keeps a registry of Italian citizens residing within its jurisdiction. For these citizens residing abroad, the Consulate performs some of the functions that a Municipal Office would perform for its residents.

Pursuant to Act 470 of 27 October 1988, Italian citizens who move their residence abroad must inform the relevant consular office, by means of a specific declaration, within ninety days from their arrival.

New residents in New South Wales (with the exception of the cities of Queanbeyan and Cooma which are in the jurisdiction of the Embassy of Italy in Canberra) must forward this declaration to the Consulate General of Italy in Sydney.

For further information on A.I.R.E. it is advisable to consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation website and it is also recommended to check the guida dei diritti e doveri del cittadino italiano residente all’estero (“guide on rights and duties of Italian citizens living abroad” – Italian version only), published by the Department of Internal Affairs as well as the guida fiscale per i residenti all’estero (“the taxation guide for residents abroad” – Italian version only).



For Italian citizens that intend to stay in Australia for a period of 12 months or more, it is mandatory to register with A.I.R.E., preferably  through the FAST IT portal;

This portal allows A.I.R.E. registered citizens to autonomously monitor the status of their applications and to immediately notify the Consulate Generale of a change of address or other data.

Documentation to include:

  • Scanned copy of Italian passport for each Italian member of the family. If you do not have an Italian passort, attached a copy of the birth certificate issued from the Italian Municipality;
  • Scanned copy of evidence of a permanent residential address (i.e. copy of NSW driver’s licence or utility bills, working contract, residential tenancy lease, bank statement).

Technical note: We only accept pdf documents scanned at 150-200dpi. Photos taken with mobile devices or images will not be accepted. Through the online portal, you can upload 3 multi-page pdf files (up to 1MB each).

Please note:

  • The creation of a user in Fast It DOES NOT automatically entail the registration/update AIRE;
  • The data entered must EXACTLY reflect those shown on the Italian passport;
  • If you do not have an Italian passport, the data must exactly reflect those shown on the original birth certificate, issued by the Italian municipality;
  • Any middle names or multiple surnames must be entered respectively in the “FIRST NAME” and “SURNAME” field;
  • The dates entered must be in European format DAY / MONTH / YEAR;
  • Proof of Italian citizenship must also be attached even in case of access with SPID;
  • The only acceptable signature is the handwritten one.

As an alternative to the Fast It portal, citizens requiring to submit their A.I.R.E. registration or communication of any change of address/personal data can fill in and hand sign this form, enclose the above listed documents and:

  • hand-in the papers at the reception or
  • mail them to this Consulate:

PO Box Q1924
QVB NSW 1230

Please note that requests of A.I.R.E. registration or change of address/details sent per e-mail or certified e-mail won’t be taken into consideration.

In case birth certificates of children of minor age have not yet been registered in Italy (see CIVIL STATUS section), the registration in AIRE will be contextual to the sending of such documents.



Italians residing abroad must notify the Consulate as soon as possible of any change of address or any variation in the family composition.

This can be done by following the same procedure described above.



Once transferred, the citizen must contact the new competent Consular Office, and apply for a new registration.



By law, the consular registry does not have official value; therefore the Consular Offices CANNOT issue certificates of residence or of family status. These certificates can be obtained only from the relevant A.I.R.E. Municipality, which is the sole Italian authority in charge of official registrations.

The Consulate can only issue to interested parties certifications of inclusion in the Consular Registry that will show their address as recorded in the Registry and the members of their family living at the same address.