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Parental consent form in case of minor children


Passport requested for a minor

If you wish to apply for an Italian passport for a child, both parents must sign the filled in passport application form.

If only one of the parents lodges the passport application form for their minor child, they will have to provide the consent form signed by the other parent. Parental consent is mandatory whether you are single, married, separated or divorced.

If the absent parent is an EU citizen, they can complete and sign the form and provide a photocopy of their passport or identity card (signature and photo must be clearly showed).

If the absent parent is not an EU citizen, they must complete and sign the form in front of a Police Officer of NSW, who will authenticate their signature by signing and stamping the form and a copy of the parent’s passport. If the absent non-EU parent isn’t in NSW, they will have to sign the consent form in person at their nearest Italian Consulate/Embassy or Questura (Police station in Italy).

The consent form is valid for 30 days from the date it has been signed.

If the other parent is deceased, you must provide a death certificate together with your passport application form.

In case a consent form cannot be presented

If the other parent refuses to sign the consent from, you can apply for a Consular Decree which will allow the Consul General, serving as a Guardianship Judge, to authorise the issue of your passport (or other travel document) in exceptional circumstances.

Your Consular Decree application must be made in writing. It should detail the reason(s) why the other parent is refusing to give you his/her parental consent and the reason(s) why you feel the refusal is unjustified. Your application should also include detailed information and copies of relevant documents about child support payments or custody arrangements if any. It will be necessary to disclose the other parent’s last known address/contact details so that we may attempt to
contact him/her directly.

If it is deemed that the reasons given for refusing the consent are unjustified, the Consul General, serving as a Guardian Judge, may authorise the issue of your passport by Consular Decree.

Consular Decree applications are to be submitted only in the most exceptional of circumstances and should only be used as a last resort.


Passport requested by a parent.

According to the new DL n.69 dated June 13th 2023 when a parent of a minor child lodges the application for a new passport they won’t need to provide the consent form signed by the other parent. They will only need to sign the passport application form declaring the absence of impediments.