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Renouncing Italian citizenship

The Act 91/1992 provides for the possibility of renouncing Italian citizenship in some specific cases, defined by the Act.

NSW residents may renounce Italian citizenship by contacting the Consular offices via email They will need to bring with them two witnesses and the necessary documents.

PLEASE NOTE – a minor who is the child of a person renouncing Italian citizenship will NOT lose the Italian citizenship.



  1. By an Italian citizen who has attained the age of 18 and is also a citizen of another country and is a resident or has established residence abroad (Act 91/92, art. 11);
  2. By a person over 18 who has acquired the Italian citizenship whilst a minor due to the acquiring or reacquiring of the citizenship by one of his/her parents, provided that he/she is also holding the citizenship of another country (Act 91/92, art. 14);
  3. By a minor who is adopted by an Italian citizen, one he/she has attained the age of 18 (Act 91/92, art. 3)



In order to finalize the deed of renunciation, which will be prepared by a consular officer, the applicant must visit the Consulate during the opening hours, via appointment only, together with two witnesses who must be able to understand the Italian language. The applicant will also need to lodge the following documentation:

  1. Birth certificate issued from the Municipality where the birth has been registered;
  2. Certificate of Italian citizenship;
  3. Documents showing that the applicant has also a foreign citizenship;
  4. Documents showing that the applicant is resident abroad;
  5. Copy of identity documents of the applicant and witnesses;
  6. Book an appointment with the Consulate by sending an email to  specifying in the subject line “APPOINTMENT FOR RENOUNCING ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP”.
  7. An equivalent in Australian dollars of 41.00 EURO for consular stamp duties payable in cash only;
  8. Receipt of payment of the prescribed amount of 250 EURO in favor of:

BANK ADDRESS: Viale Europa 175 – 00144 ROMA
REFERENCE: State name and surname of the applicant, followed by: “Rinuncia alla cittadinanza italiana
IBAN: IT54D0760103200000000809020