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Online Booking


Online Booking

Appointments are required for all consular services. Please note appointments can only be booked online.


To book an appointment online, you must first open your own account in the “Prenota Online”, our Online Booking system.

Please complete the page with all the required information and in particular your e-mail address as the system will send a message to that address with the link to activate your personal account. If the e-mail address is incorrect you will not be able to access the Online Booking system. In that case you will receive the message "Your account is blocked or not confirmed" when logging in.

Should you face this problem, or any other problem while registering your account, please write an e-mail asking for assistance to: and attach the error message that appears (please note, no assistance is given on the phone).

In the case you already own a Prenotaonline account in any other Consulate, you would need to access that account and click on the "Cambia Sede" or "Change Office" option, and then select the Consulate General of Italy in Sydney.

In the case that the "Change Office" option is not active in the other Consulate website, you would need to write them an email and request them to change the Office on your behalf.

Please note, you will be asked to complete a "Verification Code" both after having filled the registration form and when logging in to access the system.

Please follow these steps to book your appointment online:

1) enter your account using your user-ID (e-mail address) and password as reported in the registration form;

2) click on "make your reservation";

3) click on the name of the service you wish to book in "Offices available" (i.e. Citizenship);

4) write your own mobile number and any "Additional notes" as requested by the system, then “confirm”;

5) click on a day marked in yellow or green colour (a red colour mark indicates all the appointments for that date are already booked, while a black colour mark indicates that the date is not available) then “confirm” twice.

6) we suggest to print and safely store your booking details.


For security reasons, please note that any suitcases, trolleys, large items or backpacks are not permitted into the Consulate.

The Consulate is not responsible for any items left either inside or outside the building.

PLEASE NOTE: by checking on our system regularly you may be able to make an earlier appointment finding available spots before your booking as the system creates new spots when people cancel their appointments.