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Titles Equivalence


Titles Equivalence

cap graduationForeign education qualifications are not automatically recognised in Italy. In order to obtain recognition of the equal value and utility ("equivalence") of foreign education titles (achieved in officially recognised teaching establishments) with the correspondent Italian qualifications, it is necessary to acquire a “declaration of value” (see specific item) from the Italian Consulate and to follow the following procedure:

  • Foreign citizens can apply to the relevant Italian Authorities through the Consulate;
  • Italian citizens must apply to the Italian Education Office, (“Centro Servizi Amministrativi”) of the province of residence, in case of a secondary qualification, and to the relevant Italian Academic Authorities, in case of tertiary qualification.


Once school certificates obtained abroad have been declared equivalent to the Italian qualifications of corresponding value (lower secondary school diploma, upper secondary school diploma or university degree), they have legal value in Italy. This means, for example, that a person with Italian citizenship has the right to take part in competitive exams announced by Italy’s public administration.