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Power of Attorney


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a document authorizing one person to act on behalf of another person, to take the necessary measures to achieve a particular goal (e.g. sell, buy, manage, make a donation, accept a donation, set up or close a company, request the posting of marriage bans, etc.).

Powers of Attorney are divided into two categories:

Procura Generale - A General Power of Attorney is a notary deed, which authorises someone to act on your behalf and in your name and allows the Attorney to make all personal and business decisions in relation to your present or future property and affairs. A General Power of Attorney remains valid until it is revoked.

Procura Speciale - with these acts the interested party entrusts the representative with the management of a part of his business. The  special power of attorney ceases to be effective when the particular assignment for which it was issued ends.

Depending on the service required, a draft of the power of attorney (Word format), prepared by the Italian notary or solicitor, appointed to finalise the process in Italy will need to be send to this Consulate General via email prior to the appointment. This is to ensure that the power of attorney drawn up at the Consulate General meets in detail the legal requirements and expectations of the notary's office in Italy.