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Reacquiring Italian Citizenship


Reacquiring Italian Citizenship


The person who has relinquished the Italian citizenship by becoming a naturalized Australian prior to 16/08/1992, may re-acquire the Italian citizenship following two possible avenues, which differ only for the time needed for the re-acquisition.

  1. Decleration of intent: you must make a specific declaration at the Consulate and then you have take up residence in Italy within 12 months from the date of the declaration.*
  2. Automatically: You take up residence in a Municipality in Italy without making any declaration and then you have to wait 365 days.

In both cases the Italian Municipality of residence will be the authority that will finalize the re-acquisition procedure.


The following instructions are referred to the first option*

  1. A necessary requirement for the re-acquisition is that the loss of the Italian citizenship has been recorded by the relevant Municipality in Italy. It is therefore essential to check this with the Consulate (also by email).
  2. Sign a declaration of intent at the Consulate in the presence of two witnesses who are not part of the person’s family, who can understand the Italian language and have appropriate form of identification.
  3. Book an appointment with the Consulate by sending an email to specifing in the subject line "APPOINTMENT FOR REACQUIRING ITALIAN CITISENSHIP".
  4. Copy of receipt of payment of 250.00 Euro in fovur of:

BANK ADDRESS: Viale Europa 175 – 00144 ROMA
REFERENCE: State name and surname of the applicant, followed by: “Dichiarazione Art. 13 Legge 91/92 Riacquisto cittadinanza italiana
IBAN: IT54D0760103200000000809020


Procedures to be followed once in Italy

  1. Within 8 days from arrival one must register with the Municipal offices and apply for the enrolment into the anagrafe della popolazione residente (registry of the resident population) and apply for the “Permesso di soggiorno per riacquisto cittadinanza” through the local Post Office in order to obtain the application kit.
  2. With the postal receipt confirming the dispatch of the above mentioned kit you must then visit the Municipal offices and apply for the enrolment into the anagrafe della popolazione residente (registry of the resident population), for the registration into the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (National Health Scheme).


What happens next?

  1. Subsequent to the application the Municipality will register the foreigner applicant in the Anagrafe della Popolazione Residente before the mandatory verification.
  2. Within 45 days from the application the Municipality will proceed with checking the applicant’s domicile through one of its employees.
  3. Once the verification has been carried out, the Mayor will issue the declaration of citizenship.
  4. From that moment the applicant has re-acquired the citizenship.
  5. Then, if a decision is made to return to Australia on a permanent basis, it will be possible to register as an Italian citizen with AIRE (Registry of Italians residing abroad) with the Consulate. If you are residing in NSW you will have to register with the Consulate General of Sydney.

Important: Before returning to Australia it is advisable to get from the Municipality a certificate of citizenship which specifies the date when the citizenship was re-acquired. This certificate should then be sent to the Consulate together with the AIRE registration application and the other required documents.

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